Mucho Sonar is a multi-city Punk/Rock band (4/6ths Newcastle, 2/6ths Sydney).

“Their sound is best described as Motorhead plays Little Richard, complete with face melting horn section”

They began as 6 friends who had all played in various bands together over the years, coming together to make Rock n’ Roll Music without preconception, or to fit any niche.

All songs are written and performed by Mucho Sonar, the band, not a set of individuals but a group.

Mucho Sonar

Between them they have toured both Nationally and Internationally, alongside acts such as Kiss, Pennywise, Alice Cooper, Fishbone, Suicidal Tendencies, Rancid, and the list goes on.

Over the last couple of years, Mucho Sonar has shared the stage with Guttermouth, The Bennies, and Frontend Loader to name a few.

Their sound is hard to describe. Fast, hard hitting beats, raging guitars, and a head stomping horn section, create a unique, distinctly Australian, Punky Rock n’ Roll sound.

To quote a recent review:

“This ain’t metal, although there are some genuinely tasty metallic solos thrown into the mix courtesy of guitarist Ben Kelly (particularly the steaming bit of work he puts in on second song The Trigger); rather its the sort of..

“good time punk singalong material the likes of The Living End and Rocket from the Crypt have made their own in the last couple of decades.”

Mucho Sonar sound like a, ahem, much bigger band on this debut EP, and must, make that MUST, have a bright future ahead of them on the evidence of this release.

“Go and see them next time they play your town.”
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